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Terms and Conditions    

Myagrisolution is a online platform owned and managed by Recreation agri commerce (OPC) PVT LTD. If you are contine to browse  to browes and use this website you are agreeing to comply with and bi bound by following terms and conditions. Recreation agro-commerce pvt. Ltd. Reserve all the right to change our terms and condition of agreement at any time by posting any changeIt is an agricultural based website so we will not allow anyone to list non agriculture use product. We are offering user to purchase the product available in our website. When you create an account with us you must provide the accurate information. We are committed to insure that your information is secure .In order to prevent unauthorized access or discloser and secure the information we collect online.  All users including Buyers and Sellers will get User ID and Password created on our website following due registration process . It is the responsibility of the user to keep their User ID and Password secure and confidential. Individual user shall be solely and completely responsible for all transactions taking place on this website.


When farmer list their crop in this website it is not guaranteed that the crop will sold, there is any chance that the lots of buyer around you will enquire or buy the product. This is only the platform to make the direct contact between the buyer and farmer. In farmer product we are providing the cash on delivery option only so farmer’s have to collect the payment at the time of delivery. We are not taking any commission. We are not responsible for any fraudulent transaction. Farm produce product market price may change by every day. It is require for the farmers to ensure the market price before accepting the order. After booked an order user have to check their e-mail either their order is accepted or rejected by vendor’s.


As a register seller or farmer we are allowed to list multiple items for sale on the website. You must ensure that the listed item do not infringe upon the actual properties of the product. The seller (farmer also) must describe the actual condition and upload the real image of the product. If the item description or image does not match the actual condition of the product you have to return the product and refund the amount that you may have received from the buyer. As a seller please select the particular city or state where you can deliver the product. The shipping is managed by yourself so either you can include the shipping charge into the product or take it manually .But you will have to inform the user about the shipping charges at the time of accepting the order. If the seller is unable to deliver the product due to any reason seller can reject the order. We also reserve the right to correct or change some information. In case of any fraudulent transaction we reserved the right to block the seller.     


We are offering user to purchase the product available in our website. Buyer can buy product that is available in the seller’s supplying area. If the buyer’s shipping address is not in the seller supplying area than the online booking of the product can not possible for that address. Buyer will have to check the e-mail after booking either the order accepted or rejected by the seller. If the buyer has made the online payment and their order rejected by the seller than we will return the payment. The colour of some machinery and implement may differ from the image. So the colour of shipped item may change in some product.